This is what love looks like 

When an acquaintance found out that I was starting a new graphic design business, she set me up with two projects. She wasn’t a business owner or a marketing manager, though, she was a mom. That’s ok, we do design for moms! The projects were to bring some ideas she had to life in order to protect and support her kids.

The first idea was to create some custom shirts for her family to wear in celebration of her son’s high school graduation. She told me how proud she was of him and how hard he worked to reach this milestone. It was a really fun project, and the shirts got a lot of use throughout graduation season!

The second idea was to create a window decal for her car to indicate the status of her two kids who were learning to drive. She said they were timid about driving in traffic, and an indication on the back of the vehicle would help them feel more confident. I thought it was a great idea, and I was happy to help.

As I finished up the work, I was struck they way these projects demonstrate the love of a mother who is tuned in to what her kids need. I can’t think of a better example of what it means to be a great mom!

A family of five wearing matching shirts

Megan affixes a decal to a car's back window


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