Just What I Needed

This week, I attended my first networking lunch as Touchable Design. As soon as the event was on my calendar, I decided I should have a way for people to identify me in a socially-distanced crowd. I came up with the idea of a tote bag and called my friend James Hall right away. If I brought him a bag, could he embroider my logo on it? Big? Tomorrow?

Yes, yes and yes! James is such a great guy. When I brought him the substrate, I asked him what he would charge me. I was expecting a substantial price tag, but he shook his head and said “nothing.” Like it was nothing. But it wasn’t nothing. It was huge. 

That act of kindness had a profound effect on me. As a small business owner himself, he knew what I was going through. The message of solidarity and support he sent in gifting me the embroidery services, more than the actual product, was just what I needed. 


Megan holding handbag with embroidered with her logo

I’m proud to join the ranks of small business owners here in Statesboro, Georgia!

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