Modeling Professionalism

My friend and I used to watch “America’s Next Top Model,” a reality show starring Tyra Banks. It was an excuse to get together, and definitely not a way to gain useful knowledge for living in the real world.

Yet, I found myself identifying with Top Model contestants last week as I posed for Touchable Design head shots. I was trying to convey “I am a competent, trustworthy, fun professional who has a legit workspace in the United States.” But I was in an office that wasn’t set up yet after two of the most stressful weeks of my life. And we were in a rush due to my overscheduling.

Fortunately, I hired my former co-worker, Jeremy Wilburn, who is an exceptional artist and Photoshop magician. I haven’t seen the final product yet, but he already made me feel like a winner. Now if I can just win those contracts!

Megan sitting at desk laughing with eyes looking to the side

Megan posing with hand on hip outdoors

Photographer aiming camera at Megan with assistant holding light

Jason Hurst works the angles at a family photo shoot. That photo shoot was just after my office photo session with Jeremy Wilburn. Both photographers do excellent work.