Out There with Upwork

Most people pay for graphic design services by the hour. My electrician husband also charges this way. But sometimes it’s easier to take the leap and tackle your next project when you know the final cost up front. That’s why I offer a PRICE LIST

Now, I’m offering a new way to pay for design services: an 8-hour flat rate. If you’ve got a list of small projects that need the expertise of a veteran designer, this is how you can get them all done in one day! Or space out your 8-hours over a few days. The times that work for your schedule will be the times that I am 100% focused on producing solutions to fit your needs.

I have posted this unique model on Upwork to see if the world is ready. Would you like to be one of the first to try it out? CLICK HERE

Upwork web page with title that reads You will get a veteran graphic designer for 8 hours and a video ready to play