Christmas Harmony

Every Christmas, Pittman Park Church is decorated with wreaths and poinsettia flowers. In designing Pittman Park’s Christmas events promotional materials, I did the same! I wanted to create nostalgia for members that value the traditions of the congregation while inviting newcomers with an authentic representation of the church.

The anchor pieces are the events handout card and the roadside banner. Individual event graphics for the website and presentation slides were created to match. The sermon series program communicates the musical foundation of the messages and matches not only the Christmas events materials but also other recent sermon series graphics.

With these on-brand, meaningful and elegant graphics, the church can easily use the same designs for Christmas events promotion in future years.


Pittman Park Logo inside wreath on left and Events List on right

Caroling with date and time beside poinsettia flower

Hanging of the Greens with date and time inside wreath

Jingle Jam with date and time on striped background with greenery border

Choral Presentation with date and time with large wreath around text

Christmas Eve Communion with date and time above three poinsettia flowers




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