A Welcoming Message

The Pittman Park church is situated amidst an expansive lawn peppered with mature magnolia and oak trees. It is directly across the street from the Georgia Southern University campus and near a residential area. One of the best things about the location of this church, however is its station at the corner of two very busy traffic arteries in the town of Statesboro. 

The church takes advantage of this location by posting a banner announcing various events throughout the year–cheap and effective advertising! The problem was, they needed a banner to hang during those times when an event wasn’t needing promotion.

I had recently refreshed the Pittman Park branding so they approached me with the task of applying it to this signage. I took the commission as a challenge to present a message beyond a standard invitation. I wanted the hundreds of passers-by each day to benefit from what their eyes fell on at the stop light, whether they were looking for a church to attend or not.

My solution was to highlight the simple phrase, “come as you are” since it is not only welcoming, but is a paraphrase of the message of Jesus. I’m proud of how the banner turned out, and I am so happy to call Pittman Park my church home.

Banner with logo that says come as you are

Page with different logo versions



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