Postcards for a Good Cause

Today the post office is putting my postcard designs in 2,000 local mailboxes! I delivered Touchable Design’s first direct mail project to the Statesboro post office yesterday, and everything went great!

Direct mail can be a powerful marketing option, so I was excited when my client took my suggestion. Especially since my client is an important local non-profit organization: Youth Career Commission, Inc. I’m happy to have a part in letting more people know about the life-changing career camp they organize every year. 

If you have a student who’d like to build the foundation for their future this summer, or if you have a message you’d like to quickly get into a lot of mailboxes, I can help!

A stack of large postcards featuring an image of a goldfish jumping out of its bowl and the words Determine Your Tomorrow

Megan smiling next to three U.S. Post Office bins with the post office in the background



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