Friends with Businesses

Some designers love creating logos. They specialize in distilling an organization into a versatile image. They’ll even create logos for fictitious entities just for the sake of creating a good logo.

I am not one of those designers. I enjoy not creating, but using logos. I like to take the branding elements that others assemble and apply them in practical ways to authentically communicate a message.

And yet, I am in a season of life when several of my friends are in various stages of starting small businesses. Of course, I was happy to help them bring their logo visions to life.

Take a peek at these three very distinct logos that I have worked up recently. 


Baseball cap with Mountain Scene Logo



Mock-up Attribution:

<a href=””>Mockup texture psd created by –</a>
<a href=’’>Hat mockup psd created by Vectorium –</a>
<a href=’’>Label mockup psd created by freepik –</a>

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