Barr Law over the years

I don’t have many clients that have been with me longer than Barr Law. (It helps that the owners are related to me.) What an honor to design each of their billboards over the years as they have grown! This year, as their newest billboards deploy, take a look at the company’s branding story as told by a decade of billboard design.





Friends with Businesses

Some designers love creating logos. They specialize in distilling an organization into a versatile image. They’ll even create logos for fictitious entities just for the sake of creating a good logo.

I am not one of those designers. I enjoy not creating, but using logos. I like to take the branding elements that others assemble and apply them in practical ways to authentically communicate a message.

And yet, I am in a season of life when several of my friends are in various stages of starting small businesses. Of course, I was happy to help them bring their logo visions to life.

Take a peek at these three very distinct logos that I have worked up recently. 


Baseball cap with Mountain Scene Logo



Mock-up Attribution:

<a href=””>Mockup texture psd created by –</a>
<a href=’’>Hat mockup psd created by Vectorium –</a>
<a href=’’>Label mockup psd created by freepik –</a>